All of our software are compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT , 2000 , XP,Vista,Windows 7 and Windows 8, with either IDE, SATA or SCSI drives/recorders.


Trial Version and Ordering Process

What is trialware?

The free trial version is special version of the software. The difference with the retail version is that the trial version has some limitations unless you purchase your License Code for the program. Once you do this, you will have unlimited access. The advantage of the trial version method is that it may be evaluated for free before purchasing. Once you decide to purchase the software, you will receive inmediately your License Code by email, just enter your License Code and the program will convert to full retail version.

You can download the free trial versions from the download section.

How do I register/purchase the software?

There are several methods by which to register the software. You can purchase the software from this web by clicking here. After purchase it, you will receive your License Code immediately in your e-mail. Please remember that you must enter your License Code to register your copy of the software.

Also, you can use the Order Wizard. To start it click the "Order Now" button on the first dialog. Alternatively, the order wizard can be accessed from about dialog. In either case, the order wizard will be executed automatically and will lead you through the registration steps. You may choose to register on-line or by phone, in both cases you will receive your License Code within seconds in your e-mail after you have completed your order.

Who handles the ordering process?

The ordering process is handled for us by ShareIt!, one of the most reputed Internet payment services. All online data transfers are done using secure HTTP protocol that encrypts all data involved in the process. ShareIt has the VeriSign seal of Secure Site. All the purchasing process is done in the Shareit secure servers, and Shareit will send you directly your License Code by email after the purchasing. Your data will never be passed on to third parties.

How will I be notified after I register?

If you place your order online or by phone with credit card, your License Code will be shipped immediately to your e-mail address. Fax Orders are processed immediately , however, if the order arrives by night it will be processed next day. Orders by postal mail can take up to a week (and sometimes more time) before they reach ShareIt's office. As soon as they reach the office they will be processed immediately.

How do I enter my License Code?

You can enter your License Code by pressing the button labeled "Enter Registration" in the first dialog that appears in the trial version of this software. This button also appears in the about dialog. If you have chosen the Order Wizard , you can enter this information in the registration step 3 of 3.

What if I have other questions or problems concerning registration?

If you have other questions or problems about registration, send e-mail containing your question and/or describing your problem to [email protected]. You will receive an e-mail reply to your inquiry.



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